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Class Action Lawsuit Suit Filed Against Apple For iPhone 6 ‘Touch Disease’ Issue

Last August, a class action lawsuit suit was filed against Apple regarding some difficulties with its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Within the suit, consumers were not impressed with the screen from the aforementioned phones developing grey bands or degradation in contact sensitivity.

Now, three more lawyers have became a member of along with class action lawsuit suit to strengthen earlier claims.

Based on Motherboard, the California-based lawyers who’re handling the situation searched for the aid of three more lawyers to aid their situation against Apple. Additionally for this, they also have filed another suit associated with the first against Apple in Utah.

The so-known as “touch disease” is really a phenomenon occurring on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones. This really is caused largely by the weak materials for that phone’s casing. Due to the weak chassis, the telephone is very prone to bending when put under stress.

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This bending action then puts the logic board from the phone at risk of flexing or bending. Consequently, components start to come loose with repeated action and renders the screen’s touch function unusable.

Apple’s response to the point is sort of lame or lacks a particular degree of enthusiasm. The organization doesn’t offer nick-level repairs on its products. Rather, it provides customers refurbished units as substitute. Regrettably, it doesn’t come free. Consumers effectively need to pay a refurbished iPhone 6 or 6 Plus at half the cost from the original. In addition, these refurbished units continue to be prone to exactly the same problem at mere days or days to be replaced.

Apple Geniuses have confirmed that Apple is comfortable with the problem concerning the iPhone 6, however, they’re not going to tell consumer that. Recent court filings from Apple confirmed that it’s, a minimum of, aware that it’s being sued in federal court. A filing done last Sept. 20 claims that Apple has requested to have an extension to reply to the complaints.

Up to now, you will find around 10,000 folks who suffer from filed complaints concerning the “touch disease: issue, with increased of these coming every single day. Apple continues to be acting enjoy it hasn’t heard about the problem and it has not release any statement whatsoever.


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