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Universe S8 Rumors: Release Date Nearing as Leaks Suggest S8 Coming with Dual Cameras, Dual Processors

The Universe S8 has already been causing lots of hype, though it hasn’t even touched the marketplace. Now, we’ve new exciting rumors that a few of the core areas of the long awaited smartphone happen to be being purchased through the Korean tech giant, Samsung. Continue reading to discover the plausible new aspects of the Universe S8!


Lot of different sources are tossing off beat rumors each week, but every occasionally, some achievable tales eventually hold on and grow to be true later. Now, The Korea Herald has reported that Samsung made a purchase that will hint the Universe S8’s much anticipated launch.

It’s been reported that Samsung has really already purchased the component areas of the Universe S8. And also you are all aware what which means, with parts arriving, set up, production, and shipping is just a couple of steps away.

This could also imply that the rumored March 26, 2017 unveiling is really very plausible. If Samsung is really ordering components for that Universe S8, there’d be sufficient here we are at set up, production, and distribution right before March 26, 2017. Also is only a day in front of the annual MWC.

The Constituents

The new order is thought to be for that Universe S8’s cameras. Samsung’s suppliers had received orders for very good quality cameras.

These cameras may also be dual-lens believed so that you can create images with new DSLR camera quality. Thinking about the truth that all of the top smartphones in the market are sporting the brand new dual-lens camera trend, it’s pretty probable that this shipment is really for that Universe S8.

When it comes to other components, it’s thought that the smartphone is going to be operated by a beefy dual processor combo. The tandem would be the Exynos 8895 chipset and Qualcomm Snapdragon 830.

The processors are rumored to become strong to push the smartphone to some steep 3GHz maximum speed, all just Exynos 8895. Images will also be likely to take advantage of this boost with greater processing efficiency.

Combined with the elevated components, some reports are going out that certain will really be removed. The House button.

It’s thought that the drastic design change ended for for much better overall display view. Using the button gone, it is also thought that the fingerprint scanner only will be built-into the display, rather of getting a lasting position around the smartphone.

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