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UE ROLL Review: Rock’n And Roll’n Its Method To The Top $99 Speaker Market

UE ROLL Review: Rock’n And Roll’n Its Method To The Top $99 Speaker Market
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It’s really no secret which i love Ultimate Ears’ Bluetooth loudspeakers – the BOOM was my absolute favorite speaker for pretty much 2 yrs. Then your MEGABOOM arrived on the scene, and UE once more impressed the hell from me using the amazing seem it may get free from this type of portable package. Today, the organization introduced the tiniest with what I still think could be considered the “BOOM Family” – the UE ROLL. (OK, it does not always have BOOM within the name, but c’mon – it’s clearly area of the family.)

The ROLL is built to replace the UE Small BOOM, that was the tiniest family member. Because of its time, the Small seemed great and provided lots of bang for that buck, but speaker tech originates a lengthy way because it was release in 2013, and customers are searching for additional using their portable loudspeakers. The ROLL provides that “more.”

Appearance and Features

Therefore it is known as the ROLL, and that i are only able to assume that is because it essentially appears like an evening meal roll. Otherwise, I do not know why else it might be known as that – but simply so we are obvious, I believe it is a silly name. I’m able to cope with silly, though, specifically for a speaker that sounds this damn good is bigger…but we’ll enter into that later.

Silly name aside, the general design is really really wise, since it still enables for the same all over seem distribution like its bigger siblings, however with an infinitely more minimal form factor. The top speaker is essentially only a huge volume control, that makes it simple to alter the volume rapidly. The underside is how you will find the ability and pairing buttons, combined with the microUSB and three.5mm auxiliary ports, each of which are located behind a little door. This can be a awesome factor about this, though: should you accidentally leave the doorway open, don’t worry – the ports are really waterproof. The doorway is much more of the debris barrier to help keep crap (sand, grime…you realize) from getting within the ports. I love it.

Plus there is certainly one of most fascinating options that come with the ROLL: the bungee strap. This marine-grade bungee cord is definitely connected, and enables the ROLL to rapidly and simply be strapped or hung from various objects. And obtain this, because the ROLL is waterproof but does not float, UE is together with a free Ultimate Ears-top quality floatie that’s created for the ROLL for any short time. The speaker straps towards the flotation device using the bungee cord, thus keeping it secure during marine festivities. I believe it’s awesome.


Lastly, what can a UE speaker do without a kickass companion application? Not really a UE device whatsoever, I’d argue. Thus, the ROLL comes with an application – similar to those of the BOOM, Small BOOM, and MEGABOOM – that enables some things to become controlled via paired products. Such things as EQ, alarm, and whatnot, together with popular features like Double UP (which enables two ROLLs to become paired together for stereo seem), and the opportunity to turn the speaker off and on remotely. Great, helpful stuff.

Like other UE loudspeakers, the only real factor which i really, miss using the ROLL is the opportunity to change tracks in the speaker. C’mon UE – it cannot be very difficult to incorporate this functionality, will it? Let me lengthy-press the amount buttons for track controls. See? Easy! I would like to have this after i have these loudspeakers by the pool, within the shower, or wherever I’m and do not have immediate access to my phone.

Sound Quality

Given just how much I really like the BOOM and MEGABOOM, I’d high anticipations for that ROLL away from the gate. I wasn’t disappointed.

I have been super impressed using the seem quality of ultra-portable Bluetooth loudspeakers in the last year approximately, using the Soen Transit XS being the newest someone to really impress me using the seem quality because of its lightweight. Naturally, I needed to compare it towards the ROLL – not likely to lie here, it had been a more in-depth competition than I was expecting. Within the finish, the ROLL still sounds easier to me, mostly since it is more balanced than the other loudspeakers I in comparison it to (bearing in mind which i remained within the same cost/size range). There’s only a nice fluidity to the way the ROLL handles itself – it does not have overdoing things with regards to dynamics. In comparison, the Transit XS – which still sounds fantastic – includes a midrange spike which i personally found unsettling and almost harsh after evaluating it towards the warm, roundness from the ROLL (no, which was not really a food pun).


Oh, and damn this factor could possibly get loud. I am really amazed at the quantity of volume it may released, climax worth observing that you will certainly start getting some breakup at greater volumes.

So yeah, the ROLL has become my go-to recommendation when it comes to seem quality within this cost range. It is a fantastic $99 speaker.


You know what? I dig this speaker. It’s durable, waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, lifeproof, along with other stuff-proof. It may sound awesome. It’s crazy-portable. The bungee strap is a superb addition, and makes it simple to place this speaker almost anywhere. For $99, I’d reason that you are not going to locate a better, most versatile, or even more robust speaker.

If you have been awaiting a good speaker within the hundred-dollar range, your research ends here. Grab a ROLL and do not think back.

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