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The Grand Tournament – An Enormous Hearthstone Expansion Is Originating In August With 132 New Cards, A Brand New Playing Board, And Much More

The Grand Tournament – An Enormous Hearthstone Expansion Is Originating In August With 132 New Cards, A Brand New Playing Board, And Much More
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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is a nice awesome game that mixes simplicity, strategy, and luck much better than every other card game I have attempted. Since being brought to it a couple of several weeks ago, I’ve performed more matches than I choose to admit and, typically, I’ve completely loved it. That’s, until lately. In the last handful of days the sport has become really stale. It appears that each day I play from the same 8-10 decks that everybody uses and that’s getting kinda old.

The great (and awful) factor about Hearthstone is the fact that just like gamers are refining their decks perfectly to dominate the sport, new cards are introduced that turn everything upside again. Obtaining these new cards could be a pricey matter, but enthusiasts will not think hard about spending some you cash for the risk of grabbing the brand new pieces required to place their game one stage further. Blizzard, everyone are evil geniuses.

Today in Bay Area, the latest accessory for the Hearthstone realm was introduced. This is an expansion known as ‘The Grand Tournament’, and it’ll arrive on all platforms this August. The development introduces an entire slew of recent happy to the sport, that ought to vary things significantly and result in some exciting new decks and game play. The emphasis from the new content centers around enhancements stemming out of your hero’s special forces – I’ll enter into more afterwards. Allow me to break lower the brand new additions for you personally.

  • 132 new cards: Wow, that’s a ton of new cards! It’s even more than were introduced in the previous expansion ‘Goblins Vs. Gnomes.’ Some of the cards have already been revealed on the official Hearthstone website. A new card will be revealed on the site every day until the expansion launches. Players can vote between two cards daily on which they would rather see unveiled.
  • A new playing board: No expansion would be complete without a new playing board full of Easter eggs and surprises to keep you entertained while your opponent takes their turn. I think the board follows the tournament theme quite nicely.
  • A new keyword: Keywords like charge, deathrattle, and taunt refer to specific powers or characteristics of cards in Hearthstone. The new keyword that will be featured on many of the cards in the expansion is Inspire. Cards with Inspire will have a special action or benefit that is activated by your hero’s special power. For example, the new Lowly Squire gains +1 attack every time your hero power is used.
  • A limited time offer on card packs: During the next week Hearthstone players will be able to pre-purchase a set of 50 card packs of the new expansion cards for the promotional price of $50, a 50% savings from the normal cost. That is a HUGE sum of money to drop on a mobile game, but I’m sure Blizzard will sell millions of card packs during the promotion. In addition to the discount, players who purchase the 50 pack of cards will also receive the special promotional card back pictured below. After the expansion is released players can also purchase card packs for free by spending gold coins earned from winning matches and completing daily challenges.

For more details about ‘The Grand Tournament’ expansion be sure to check out the official trailer and launch page.

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