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Like Stealing Chocolate From The Baby Phone: HTC One Small 2 Won’t Be Up-to-date To Lollipop

Like Stealing Chocolate From The Baby Phone: HTC One Small 2 Won’t Be Up-to-date To Lollipop
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As a result of an issue posed on Twitter, HTC introduced the HTC One Small 2 won’t be up-to-date to Android 5.. The telephone is barely annually old and it is offered underneath the One brand that HTC reserves because of its flagship products. Since you may recall, HTC designed a promise to clients just this past year that products released underneath the One brand would receive updates for at least 2 yrs. The main reason given for breaking this promise is quite unbelievable.

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If products such as these lately introduced LG mid-range handsets can run Lollipop all right, i then see pointless why the main one Small 2 concentrating on the same specs (though older components) could be not capable of running the most recent Android software. HTC’s latest advertising might possibly not have upset you, but misleading clients is really a move which has certainly infuriated lots of HTC proprietors.

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Individuals individuals who’re the disappointed proprietors of the HTC One Small 2 can possibly find a little bit of hope in the truth that the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer comes with past backtracking after tugging similar stunts. The HTC one Small 2 can also be based on CyanogenMod and presently running CM12 (Android 5.), for individuals preferring to update by hand. We will show you here when the decision is corrected.


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