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The Person Who Put Snake On The Mobile Phone Set To Bring Back The Sport On Android With ‘Snake Rewind’ May 14th

The Person Who Put Snake On The Mobile Phone Set To Bring Back The Sport On Android With ‘Snake Rewind’ May 14th
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Taneli Armanto is really a name that most likely very few individuals understand. However, his noticably accomplishment is one thing which has wasted a large number of hrs of my existence and most likely the lives of most people who look at this blog. Taneli Armanto may be the man accountable for putting Snake, probably the most broadly performed and recognized games ever, on the mobile phone.

In the times when Nokia ruled the wireless world, some 400 million Nokia products were offered with Snake aboard. The sport been around before Taneli produced his popular version for Nokia, nevertheless its explosion in recognition was greatly because of the fact that now millions had the sport within their pockets constantly. It had been the very first mobile game that everybody had heard about and many people had attempted – The Angry Wild birds or Chocolate Crush from the 90’s.

If everyone who possessed certainly one of individuals 400 million Nokias performed only one hour of Snake (this is a pretty modest estimate) then that indicates mankind spent a cumulative 45,000 years pointing a line around their phone chasing after a pixelated flower while attempting to avoid striking their tail. Just taking into consideration the sheer amount of four letter words yelled because of losing farmville is sufficient to make the most grizzled Marine blush.

So, is that this evil genius that has created a swath of time lost and blistered thumbs in the wake decaying inside a prison of these crimes against society? Absolutely not! He’s delivering a brand new, reinvented form of his original game and it appears as though quite the nostalgic joyride.



Snake Rewind may be the title of Taneli’s new creation also it was built with the aid of developer Rumilus Design. The sport follows exactly the same fundamental blueprint because the original title, however with a couple of changes and enhancements. The graphics have course up-to-date, seem effects and music happen to be added, along with a new choice to rewind time after crashing is really a welcome addition. The brand new title is going to be liberated to play but it’ll have a ‘fruit store’ where upgrades, new levels, and special products could be bought with fruit collected while playing the sport or with real cash (quite simply, you will find IAPs). If you wish to have an early look in the new game for action then browse the video below.

If only Mr. Armanto luck together with his new endeavor, and boy could he require it. There’s a wee little more competition within the mobile games industry today (including in regards to a million Snake clones) than there is in 1997.

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