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Google Translate real-time translation features formally introduced

Google Translate real-time translation features formally introduced

Google Translate

Google has confirmed reports of an imminent Google Translate app update that will add two new powerful real-time translation tools.

On Monday we heard reviews that Google was going to undertake Skype Translator using its own real-time translating services.

Now Google has revealed “the brand new, more effective Google Translate application” over around the official Google blog.

The very first real-time translation tool pointed out around the blog is instant translation with Word Lens. This allows you possess your iPhone or Android phone’s camera up to and including bit of text and also have the Google Translate application overlay the translation.

Street signs and menus will amazingly transform before your vision inside a couple of short seconds.

Current supported languages include British, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. In addition, this selection may even work offline, which means you will not have to be affected by individuals roaming charges to take advantage of this awesome new feature.

Another big new feature within the new Google Translate is a straightforward, intelligent real-time conversation function. Now, two taps from the microphone sets google’s Translate application as much as listen for any two-language conversation. It’ll instantly distinguish which party is speaking, and can rapidly translate for that other party accordingly.

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Google states these handy additional features will begin moving on Android and iOS within the next couple of days, so look out.

While a few of these functions have been in existence inside a less fluid form on Android for a while, this is a significant step forward in sophistication for iOS Google Translate customers.

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