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[Update: Smoking Gun] WhatsApp Is Obstructing Telegram Links In The Android Application

[Update: Smoking Gun] WhatsApp Is Obstructing Telegram Links In The Android Application
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  • Update¬†1: 2015/12/01 2:39am PST

    We’ve heard through several sources and have confirmed independently that this is not caused by a random glitch but by code that was added to WhatsApp with the

Honest information mill likely to retain their customers by providing the very best service they are able to provide and never by positively securing them in and which makes it difficult to change to a competitor. Google, for instance, allows customers easily download all of their contacts, bookmarks, photos, emails, along with other private data though Google Takeout. After that, anybody is free of charge to shut their account and proceed to a competing service, no questions requested. You will find certainly firms that don’t behave by doing this, but normally, this is seen with disapproving eyes – specially when the organization under consideration has already been the greatest player available on the market.

WhatsApp – the heavyweight champion of messaging clients, with almost one billion customers- seem to be doing exactly that. Within the Android application, links whose website name is ‘telegram’ don’t instantly produce a hyperlink or URL snippet in the same manner other links do. It has the unfortunate results of which makes it more difficult to follow along with a hyperlink towards the Telegram application or perhaps a Telegram group chat. We initially thought this can be since the application did not recognize certain top-level domain names (TLD) such as the ‘.me’ TLD that Telegram uses, but URLs for example are hyper-linked properly. However, links to sites for example will also be blocked, while they are entirely unrelated to Telegram Messenger.

To create matters harder for Telegram customers, any message that consists of a URL having a ‘telegram’ website name can’t be replicated or submitted on the lengthy press, so it’s difficult to talk about a Telegram link without both sender and also the receiver by hand typing it.

I was not able to locate every other URL which didn’t instantly produce a hyperlink in the same manner the ‘telegram’ links didn’t. Possible candidates, for example links to illegal or dishonest services, all created hyperlinks and URL previews when available.

Strangely enough, links both in the iOS application and also the web client don’t face exactly the same issue. Except for some TLDs that aren’t recognized, all links are hyper-linked properly.

It’s tough to reason that this behavior may result from some random bug, because it may likely affect other links in the event that were the situation. If indeed purposeful, this isn’t the kind of anti-competitive measure we’d expect from the company that is honored in creating a service that allows “people all over the world cost nothing to talk their mind.”

We want to provide WhatsApp the advantage of the doubt, and also have arrived at to them for comment.

Update 1: 2015/12/01 2:39am PST

We have heard through several sources and also have confirmed individually that this isn’t the result of a random glitch but by code which was put into WhatsApp using the specific reason for obstructing of Telegram links. The smoking gun is really a pattern match carried out on any URL string that starts using the word ‘telegram.’ In the newest form of the application, these strings are called a “bad host,” to ensure that no hyperlink is produced also it becomes impossible to repeat or forward any message with this URL. Not one other strings trigger the match, which means this block is actively directed at Telegram.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.11.09 2

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