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Is BlackBerry Chief executive officer to question lengthy term tablet future?

Is BlackBerry Chief executive officer to question lengthy term tablet future?

BlackBerry’s CEO has questioned the long term future of the tablet – but is this a defensive play after the PlayBook? And what does this mean for the enterprise?

BlackBerry chief professional Thorsten Heins, within an interview in the Milken Institute Conference in La, has asked the lengthy term potential from the tablet, stating they’re “not a great business model”.

Reported by Bloomberg, Heins accepted he couldn’t visit a future for that device. “In 5 years I do not think there’ll be considered a reason to possess a tablet any longer,” he stated. “Maybe a giant screen inside your workspace, although not a tablet as a result.Inches

The 2 interesting words listed here are ‘as such’. With individuals two words Heins would appear to become hedging his bets – however, there’s evidence to point out that enterprise tablet adoption will not be overwhelming.

Recently Antenna Software authored that capsules at a more affordable cost range were “not presently fit for business use as things stand” because of poor performance issues, even though the enterprise software manufacturer accepted the game isn’t yet over for budget slates.

Analysing best use cases

The most crucial consideration here though may be the tablet’s primary use within the enterprise.

Nobody’s stating that capsules will displace desktop computers, although the opportunity’s there with PC sales ongoing to flatline. The fast wins businesses may take from capsules continue to be in customer-facing conditions and in the area.

So knowing that, it’s worth analyzing how BlackBerry’s PlayBook matches to any or all this. With no devoted email client, the PlayBook battled to achieve traction alongside Apple and Android slates, and it was panned by most experts.

Not every were critical, however. Last October Context Information Security announced the PlayBook because the best tablet solution for BYOD in front of the iPad and Samsung Universe Tab, although of course it was before Home windows 8 slates hit the industry.

Consequently, Heins is mulling over whether or not to produce further capsules, only thinking about the choice only when he’s convinced it may be lucrative. If that’s the case, BlackBerry might be passing up on a lucrative slice of share of the market.

This, obviously, is presuming BlackBerry’s status within the enterprise still holds – it isn’t 2008 any longer.

Jennifer Scott, writing for Computer Weekly, noted the “added security and luxury a BlackBerry gives big business”, but recent research calls that concept into question. The iPass Q4 2012 Mobile Workforce Report in November demonstrated that BlackBerry wasn’t any longer within the top two enterprise products, with traction ongoing to say no.

What perform the professionals think?

Jim Hemmer, Chief executive officer at Antenna Software, told Enterprise AppsTech that Heins’ comment was “bold” and the man could not agree when it comes to capsules dying out, especially in the enterprise.

“While To be sure with Heins that we’ll likely see smartphones like a control or source of energy for other products later on, recommending that capsules will altogether die is a little a achieve,” he stated.

“We’re seeing tremendous interest and adoption of capsules within the enterprise – in practically every industry from financial services to manufacturing – so we anticipate seeing that keep growing significantly in in the future.Inches

Yet based on enterprise mobility author Adam Sivell, with lots of gamers within the low quality game Heins might be going lower the best road, although not directly.

“Now that Apple’s competitors have swept up, capsules are moving towards being an inexpensive, commodity item,” Sivell described.

“Traditional PC and component producers are getting profits squeezed, and BlackBerry may be to not test to compete, but instead to innovate,” he added.

Elsewhere, Heins made another bold conjecture in the conference: in five years’ time he hopes BlackBerry is the leader in traveling with a laptop.

The most recent OS share of the market figures see Android because the obvious leader, although a current report from Yankee Group forecast that because of iPhone loyalty, Apple may get back charge by 2015 – but in either case, it’s difficult to see BlackBerry doing anything apart from compete for third place with Home windows Phone.

Yet Heins remains confident, saying: “In 5 years, I see BlackBerry is the absolute leader in traveling with a laptop – that’s what we’re striving for.

“I wish to gain just as much share of the market when i can, although not when you are a copycat.”

With one eye on Florian Mueller’s Foss Patents blog, Enterprise AppsTech wonders who Heins is mentioning to with this statement.

Would you accept Heins’ comments? Exactly what do you utilize your tablet for, and may you envisage prevalent tablet adoption within the enterprise?


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