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Google States Marshmallow Memory Leak Is Bound Inside A ‘Future Release’

Google States Marshmallow Memory Leak Is Bound Inside A ‘Future Release’
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It’s not necessary to look far on the web to locate someone whining in regards to a memory leak in Android. There’s, obviously, the infamous Lollipop memory leak which was fixed in Android 5.1, but Google just entered another big one-time their email list. Based on the Android issue tracker, Marshmallow system memory leak issue 195104 continues to be closed having a status of “future release.” That most likely means Android N or perhaps a monthly patch.

There’s no monolithic memory leak which has gone unfixed all of this time. You will find likely numerous leaks that lead to problems and could only affect certain products. Issue 195104 had almost 500 stars and it has been active since late this past year, therefore it is an extremely significant one. Memory leaks such as this one make the system to eat more RAM the more a tool is on, eventually resulting in instability and unpredicted application termination without anyone’s knowledge.

Should you be handling a memory leak before, maybe it will be better soon. On the other hand, maybe it will not. For those we all know a brand new memory leak is going to be introduced. Software development is difficult.


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2 Responses to Google States Marshmallow Memory Leak Is Bound Inside A ‘Future Release’

  1. cuicuit says:

    Don’t buy the exynos ve1ion, especially if you plan on i1talling aosp roms on it at some point.
    Samsung never releases libraries for its SoC which leads to terrible support from the community.
    You’ve been warned.

  2. SamsaraGuru says:

    Ain’t it the truth!
    But, after all, takes less brain power and effort to claim you invented something than to actually invent something you have to admit; and even less brainpower to sue in the hopes of intimidating.

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